Welcome to Jaffa Juice

My name is Mike Jaffa and a while ago I was staying in a hotel overnight when I discovered I’d left my phone charger at home. The concierge was most helpful, offering me assorted leads and units with attachments albeit the one I needed was missing.

This got me thinking, surely there is something out there that every hotel should have for their guests and business conference delegates that would accommodate every such occurrence. They are also very effective and used by Police Forces across the country, needing to charge old phones as & when required for evidence.

Whilst their uses are manifold, Jack Junior (exclusive to Jaffa Juice) offers the ability to charge world-wide and the Really Juicefull is a light portable option. JJ is the main solution for a family travelling here or abroad and will charge all phones, tablets, sat-navs, e-readers and game consols with international, interchangeable plugs.